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Ragnarok is a masslarp (large-scale live action role-playing game), immersive and convivial.

The highlights of this event are its script and its universe built to offer you a game immersion as deep as possible.

We expect high implication from our participants in the visual aspect of their accommodations, costumes and accessories, so that everything is consistent.

Consultez notre note d'intention pour en savoir plus

Ragnarok 2020 :

  • Du jeudi 16 juillet au dimanche 19 juillet 2020
  • On the plain of Brisy, municipality of Gouvy (Belgium)
    (arrow from exit 51 on the E25)
  • GPS coordinates: 50.163805, 5.8491993

Dernières news


Ragnarok 2021 - New team

Greetings children of Tanak, 

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Ragnarok on Tour - Annulation de dates

Bonjour enfants de Tanak, 

Vous êtes sans doute au courant des directives énoncées par l’état. C’est pourquoi nous sommes dans le regret de vous annoncer l’annulation des deux prochains Ragna Orga On Tour du 18 mars et du 1 avril. 


inventory of tents

This week, we are asking you for some information about your camps. We ask each Caravan Contact to complete ONE form for their caravan showing the list of tents and structures for their caravan.

Example: I am The Caravan Contact of caravan X. I ask all the members of my caravan which tent they have and I note ALL the list in the form by adding the different arbors and structures that we also install in our camp.

You have until the end of March to complete this form so that we can carry out our site plan as well as possible.

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Un tisseur inquiet

Cette semaine, nous vous partageons l’extrait du journal de Dimetrus Ahlgor, tisseur en l’an 468. 

Vous en apprendrez certainement plus sur la magie dans le monde de Tanak et sur la vision de l’Empire à ce sujet. 

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Caravan Contacts

We are coming to you this week because we would like to identify Contact Caravans in order to be able to communicate as well as possible with the groups.

 Are you a Caravan Contact for your group? Send us an email to with:

  • Last name and first name
  • Name on Facebook (if not the same)
  • caravan name
  • E-mail adress

Remember that registrations for the 2020 event are open! Go to

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Note d'intention: clarification

Suite à un questionnement concernant un paragraphe de la note d’intention, nous tenons à vous rappeler la genèse de Ragnarok, qui est décrite comme ceci sur notre site internet : 

 "Selon la formule consacrée, Ragnarok est « un masslarp immersif et convivial ». (....) Convivial parce que nous considérons que tous les participants doivent entretenir des rapports chaleureux et bie... Voir plus


Note of intent

The Ragnarok General Assembly has been working for several weeks on the development of a note of intent for participants as well as members of the organization.

This note of intent expresses the philosophy of the Ragnarok project, what is expected of you, but also what we are committed to do in relation to Ragnarok so that the objectives are clear for everyone.

Thank you all for reading this document carefully :)

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Structural projects

In order to optimally prepare for the event and be on top of safety, we need to know if your caravan has a structural project, mobile or fixed, for Opus 2020.

Please complete this form if you have a structure planned for the upcoming event:

To the form

The logistics unit will process the forms and get in touch with you for the validation and monitoring of projects. (If you have already completed this form for previous years, please do it again anyway)

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See air

The Grand Bazaar asked us to send you this new extract from Havre Vif's diary.

This extract deals with part of the adventures of the caravan that happened at sea.

 PS: If you have game objects in your possession (other than your personal possessions), please send an email to so that we can identify the objects in question.

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Dates for Ragnarok 2020

The General Assembly has voted, we can now surely announce the dates for this year's event!

 Ragnarok 2020 will take place from Thursday 16th July to Sunday 19th July.


Who's who Organisation

L’Assemblée Générale de Ragnarok a bien eu lieu ce mardi 15 octobre. Cette AG élective a permis la constitution de l’équipe de Ragnarok 2020. 

 Vous trouverez sur cette publication le trombinoscope reprenant les membres de l’organisation pour cet opus 2020, ainsi que l’adresse email les concernant afin de pouvoir contacter la bonne personne en cas de question. 



Are you starting to prepare your stuff? 

Great ! Us too… 

 A small checklist to help you remember the essentials to bring with you. 


 Arrival on site

The event is a private event, reserved for members in order of contribution. Visitors are not allowed. Last entry on site by car: Thursday, July 18 at 15h. At 17:00 on the same day, all cars still on the gaming site will be evacuated to the parking area (but you are welcome to evacuate your car as soon as possible). 

 Site release / disassembly

On July 21st, at the Time OUT, once the... Voir plus


Creation, craft, art in all its splendor.

Characters with certain skills can craft items with game effects from equipment to consumables. The description of each skill gives more details on the available fabrications (effect, cost, etc.). 

 How to create and use objects in Ragnarok? 

It's pretty simple. First, your idea grows in your head ... And there, the idea of ​​the century, the moment of grace, only a god can have the same inspiration. Suddenly, you go to your den to design and write on parchment / paper or engrave on the stone or weave like the Incas this wonderful idea. 

 Talking Time-Out 

You need to have a creative skill! Yes…. 

Ok, but which one?... Voir plus


Tips Guardians - Announcement "Zap"

Announcement "ZAP" 

Annoucement Zap

Is ZAP a spell?

But who can use this ad? 

In order to physically and emotionally protect young participants of Ragnarok, there is an announcement that all adult participants can make about a child 

 As an adult you have a responsibility towards younger people. They participate like you in the event, but, they do not have your experience to know whether or not they are in the right place at the right time. The purpose of this announcement is to protect the youngest.&nbs... Voir plus


Liste des artisans

Au niveau des bars nous avons : 

  • La taverne des Hyènes 
  • Odin’s caravane
  • Le bar de la caravane du bon endroit 
  • Les amis de Leus chez les Berwette 

Au niveau nourriture : 

  • Le gril d’Ashram : assortiment de grillades, serv... Voir plus

Communication concerning chlidren

Dear participants,

Due to different questions, we have decided that our politics concerning the status of children will change somewhat at Ragnarok

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Tips Guardians - Announcement "Fear"

Dear participants,

The Rules-cell and the Guardians would like for you to partake in their knowledge to increase your satisfaction from playing the game.

We told ourselves the following: "We shall clarify the rules, by explaining the spirit of the game so that players can understand them better and play them out better, to increase their immersion in the gameworld."


Ragnarok 2019 is coming!


 Only 60 days left! 

 We are all busy with the second to last preparations, the land of the vampires awaits you. Take your wagons, gather up your belongings, off to Malkovie! 

 Don't forget to register yourselves at, as soon as possible. Only then can the organisation start putting solutions into place for everyone.

 Facebook Event: Voir plus


We're looking for Monsters

Vous débutez le GN et l’aventure Ragnarok vous tente? Ça tombe bien, nous recherchons des Monstres pour grossir notre équipe!

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Opening of the inscriptions

Dear Ragnarok participants, 

We have the pleasure to announce that the inscriptions for the 2019 event will open the 14/01/2019 !

You will find on our website (section « inscriptions ») all the needed informations. 

We want to remind to all that every PC must be part of a caravan whose background must be validated by the organisation. If not, the concerned characters will be automatically placed in the refugees’ area. 

In order to avoid an outcry undermining the motivation of the volunteers like the one encountered last year, here are a few informations on the changes made in comparison with last year. 

1) Shorter eve... Voir plus


Ragnarok 2019: program

Dear Ragnarok participant, 

 After a few month of silence, now has come the time to give you some news in order to allow you to plan you agenda in regard to 2019's event. Each of the points concisely touched upon here will be object of a more complete communication. 

 ● Summer event : Ragnarok will take place from thursday, July 18th (around 19h) to sunday, july 21st 2019 in Brisy. Participants may start setting their camp from Wednesday, 17 july 2019 (10h). 

 ● Inscriptions : The opening of the inscriptions for this summer’s event should occur beginning of january. A consistent communication on the topic is... Voir plus

Your caravan

Chers Amis,

The time has come for you to submit your caravan projects for our second cycle. We hope to make the process as easy as possible with simple, clear and complete information.

We expect to get a fairly large amount of projects and we want to treat them all with the same attention. Therefore, we will be uncompromising on the documents’ canvas provided and required information because we cannot afford to spend time sorting and understanding wild formats. Thank you in advance and have fun!

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Ragnarok 2021

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